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Interier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 01Interier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 01Santiago Calatrava, Valencia, ŠpanijaInterier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 02Interier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 02Interier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 03Santiago Calatrava, Valencia, ŠpanijaInterier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 04Interier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 03Interier : Anže Zalaznik, u.d.i.a., Dolenjska 04Panorama MariboraLjubljanski grad
Arhitekturna_fotografija Janez Marolt - Profesionalna fotografija

Architectural photography

3D virtualna fotografija Janez Marolt - Profesionalna fotografija

3D-Virtual photography

Janez_Marolt_fotografije_izdelkov_profesionalna fotografija

Product photography

portreti_03 - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Portrait photography

Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija - Ples

Dance and movement photography

Modna fotografija - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Fashion photography

Akt fotografija - Eros - Akti - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

nude photography - Eros

Hrana_02 studijska in terenska fotografija hrane - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Food - culinary photography

Porocna_fotografija - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Wedding photography

nosecnice_fotografija nosečnosti, dojenčkov, otrok in družin - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Pregnancy and maternity

Fotografija nosečnic, dojenčkov, otrok in družin - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Family photography

Otroci_fotografija nosečnic, dojenčkov, otrok in družin - Janez Marolt - profesionalna fotografija

Children photography

Proefssional photography

My intention is to equip you with professional photos that will serve and delight you.

I am Janez Marolt, a professional photographer since 2009, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Professional photography for business

Professional photography for business purposes (business portraits, photos of premises or products…) is basically about who you and your company are, and what customers will benefit from working with you. My goal is to contribute to your peaceful sleep and the abundance for you and your loved ones that you are aiming for.

The approach to achieve this has to be creative, fresh, committed and insightful.

The Internet and other media channels are increasingly important factors in business and we humans are visual beings. If something doesn’t excite us in an instant we move on quickly.

You can find some photos for business purposes on the pages: Architectural photography Product photography Food photography Portraits Fashion 3D-photography

Professional photography for personal purposes

Photos of us and our loved ones are one of the few things that stay with us over time. They represent a strong connection, with the moments, people and events that mean the most to us. We live in a time when our computers are full of an endless multitude of photos taken by the way. What is the difference between this level and the level of photos you see on this page?

Such photographs are taken by the skilled, trained eye of a photographer with special purpose, care and knowledge. Not only, in order to “capture the appearance of the situation,” but in order to create a memory that will accompany you through life.

Artistic professional photos are a beautiful gift for your loved ones as well as for yourself. You deserve them.

You can find some photos for personal use on the pages: PortraitsWeddings; Pregnancy and maternity; Families; Children, Dance; Fashion; Nudes;

Ask if you have any questions and book your session!

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Architectural photography; 3D- virtual photography; Products; Portraits; Dance; Fashion; Nudes; Food; Weddings; Pregnancy and maternity; Pregnancy photography; Families;Children;