Portraits of empoyees

Portraits of your employees are the first thing your potential customers will notice when they visit the web page about your team. It is very important what first impression will they make of you. More and more first contacts with companies take place over the internet.

Internet contact is less personal and often we don't know who stands behind a website. Can we trust them?

A good business portrait can help you build that trust from the very beginning. It can make a step further to meeting in person or an order. 

Quality corporate portraits show that you are Good corporate portraits show that you are a reliable trustworthy team. At the same time they also convey the personal qualities and warmth of each individual. In my opinion, few people like working with remote inaccessible overly serious people. Quality corporate portraits strengthens your brand and the trust of your potential customers.

Business portraiture can be approached from different ends. Portraits can be made in studio or the working ambient. A neutral background leaves all the attention to the person portrayed, while the work environment offers a broader context and tells more about how the individual contributes to the operation of the company.


Classical studio business portraits

Poslovno portretiranje

Studio portraits of employees in front of a chosen neutral background focus on the individual portrayed. There is only the person and light. They can be more easily visually unified, especially if the portrayed stick to a certain dresscode.

Ambiental business portraits of the empoyees - field action portraits

Ambiental business portraits show people in their work context. They convey more about people's profession, their skills and function in the work process of your company.

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